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A27 Girders A18 Girder A9 Girders Red Girders Steel Girders
E5 Strips E6 Strips E7 & E8 parts  E2 Bell E4 Cores
E3 Coils E11 & E12 Parts  GB20 Gears G10 Gears C1 Hooks
Motors B1 & N1 Brass Repro B1 & N1 Originals Bits S25, S55, S87, S120, E9
F17 Strips  F9 Stips F13 Strips F5 Strips  Tyres - 2 Sizes 
P49 Discs WM Worms P29 Discs N2 & W10 W16 & ER1
Aluminium Parts Aluminium Parts Aluminium Parts Aluminium Parts  Aluminium Parts
Aluminium Parts E1 Bases Rods and Wire  Blue Parts 
Book 1 & 2  Elementary Books U3 brackets U2 Brackets A1 Brackets
U1 Brackets SU1s Very Rare SU2s Very Rare  V35 Discs GB40 Gears
G20 Gears More GB20 Gears G10 Gears Inserts 2 Leaflets
4 Leaflets 3 Leaflets A & AB Manuals Engineering Manuals More Manuals
More Manuals Model Plans Red Strips Red Brackets Red Brackets
Red Strips New Red & Blue Parts 4 Sets 3 Sets 6 Sets
2 Sets 8 Spares Packs 5 Spares Packs Spares Packs 2 Spares Packs
Set in Yellow Sleeve To Be Sorted to Be Sorted SP Spanners Steel Parts
Steel Parts New Tyres Empty Box - Excellent Condition 4.5 Volt Transformer