FOR SALE -Flying Scotsman Model + 2 Pullman Carriages - FOR SALE
Flying Scotsman Model (approx 5ft) - Built by me - Also 2 Pullman Carriages (approx 4' 6" each) - See Photos - Runs forward/backward with ease, whistle and smoke machine fitted (could do with a better one).

Spray and hand painted - 4 sizes of wheels - 2.5", 5.5", 3.0" and 3.5" of blank flange rings mounted onto laser cut rings and secured to turned brass hubs - drive axles 1/4" rod - drive wheels (starting point 2 years ago) have 20 spokes - front bogies spring loaded - lettering done by Scunthorpe Signs - Funnel and buffers turned from 2" plastic rod - Boiler support from old chrome plated wardrobe rail - coal from painted garden chippings
- On 24 ft of track made of 0.5"x0.25" steel bar lined with 12.5" zinc strips - Boiler door was a stainless steel nibbles dish.

Finally finished my 2 x Pullman carriages to go with my Flying Scotsman loco - don't the Meccano boys look so happy - many thanks to Phil at Scunthorpe Signs for supplying all the logos - 4 in all - the cream panels were always a problem as not only did the paint peel off the plastic PVC sheet but the sheet also detached - found some cream coloured waterproof card at the 'Range' which is stuck on with double sided carpet tape.